Why Playing EuroJackpot Online Is a Great Idea

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Why Playing EuroJackpot Online Is a Great Idea

Do you live in a country where you don’t have an official lottery? Do you often hear interesting lottery news and dream of winning big some day? If yes, you don’t have to be disappointed. If you don’t have a lottery available in your country, you can take part in a lottery from a different part of the world. And since you want to aim higher than sky, you should look no further than playing EuroJackpot with Lottosend. EuroJackpot is one of the biggest lotteries in Europe and Lottosend is one of the most reliable online platforms for playing the best lotteries of the world.

With Lottosend, you can play from the comfort of your home and if you end up winning a big prize, the money will come to your account as well. All you have to do is use the safe and intuitive online web interface of Lottosend to choose your numbers and buy the tickets. You can take advantage of several promotions that reward you when you deposit funds in your account or when you purchase a ticket. Detailed EuroLottery information and useful and interesting tips are available on the website to help you boost your chances of winning the lottery.

Before getting into the many benefits of playing the lottery online, let’s get an overview of EuroJackpot lottery.

An Overview of EuroJackpot

As stated earlier, it is one of the best and the biggest lotteries that several European nations take part in. it is one of the newest yet the biggest lotteries in the world launching only a few years ago in 2012. It is a lottery that can make you a millionaire in no time. The jackpot starts from €10 million, so every participant knows that they are guaranteed to become a millionaire if they are lucky enough to hit the jackpot. When draw takes place without announcing a winner, the jackpot rolls over and gets bigger. Drawings take place on Fridays. The jackpot stops rolling over once it has reached the €90 million mark.

The amazing thing about EuroJackpot is that despite being such a new lottery and its jackpot capping at €90 million, its players have won the maximum jackpot multiple times in this short history. What this means is that the biggest jackpot in the history of this lottery is €90 million. The first winner who made history by winning the maximum EuroJackpot payout was a person from Czech Republic.

A lot of the rules in EuroJackpot are similar to EuroMillions, which happens to be an older lottery in the region. When it comes to choosing your lucky numbers, you have to pick a total of seven. The first five numbers are the regular ones and you have a range of 1 to 50 to pick them from. For the last two numbers you have a range of 1 to 10. You can win the jackpot if you are able to match all five regular and the two bonus numbers. From there, there are additional 11 ways for people to win low tier prizes. The last prize can be won by a person who is able to match two regular balls and a bonus ball with the drawn number.

The Benefits of Playing EuroJackpot Online

  • Win Lotteries from around the World

You can notice when you visit the Lottosend website that there are dozens of lotteries available for you to participate in. When you are not online, you can play only the lotteries that are available in your region. On the other hand, there is no lottery that you can’t play when you are online. It is amazing that you can have the opportunity of being a millionaire by winning a lottery that takes place in another country on the other side of the world.

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  • Have a Perfect Ticket Purchasing Experience

If you haven’t already tried, it might seem to you that online ticket purchasing is a hassling task. You will be surprised to know that the experience of playing online is much more hassle-free than doing it the regular way. You just have to create an account, deposit funds in this account, choose your lucky numbers, opt for multiple-draw options, and wait for the result. You even have the autonomy to pick your numbers on your own or use the quick pick option to generate random numbers for you. It is a complete and convenient experience to play lottery online.

  • Enjoy Discounts and Promotions

Since you don’t have to create an account when you purchase from retailers, you can’t enjoy these perks. When you play online, you have several discounts, promotions, and special offers that you can take advantage of.Lottosend is a perfect example of a lottery company that rewards you in many ways for being a new or old customer. The company has multiple deposit bonuses and cashback promotions. In fact, you can enjoy some amazing discounts if you only pick the multi-draw option while playing.

The cashback promotions reward you when you buy the EuroJackpot or any other lottery’s tickets. The exact amount of money you spend on purchasing the tickets is credited back into your account by Lottosend through its cashback offer. On the other hand, deposit bonuses benefit you as soon as you put money in your account i.e. you don’t even have to buy the ticket. For instance, you can get $30 as a reward when you deposit $50 in your account, so in the end, you will have $80 in your account to purchase more tickets and have more chances of winning.

Final Thoughts

There are certain things that you should learn from experienced lottery players if you want to keep enjoying your participation in EuroJackpot. First of all, you should do some research and find out the hottest numbers that increase your chances of winning. Secondly, you should purchase more tickets because more tickets mean more chances of winning. If you want to boost your chances of winning even more, there are syndicate options available as well. Just make sure that you are always positive while playing a lottery to avoid frustration. And when you start losing faith, read the stories of the past EuroJackpot winners to regain your motivation.

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